If I Could Live in Any Public Place, What Would I Choose?

And why this is a useful and fun game to play

I was looking around my very small room and on one side, I thought, “that looks like a library.” On another, I thought, “oh that looks like an art classroom.” That just started my imagination going, wondering if I could pick any public place to live in, where would it be?

I have been a navel-gazer (obsessed with self-awareness) all my life. Yet, I never seem to know enough about myself. I have many interests. I call myself a Jill of Many Trades, Master of None. I’ve been feeling lately that I need to let some things go and prioritize so I can have hope of mastery over at least one of my interests. To that end, I have become super-attuned to how I make choices with my time, and how that defines me. The goal is to make choices that are highly-resonant and let the others go.

Hence, this game. Come on. Play with me. You have to suspend reality. First, in what public place would I not want to live? I will not ever choose a clothing store, a hardware store, or any government building, like a courtroom. I love being in parks and in nature, such as at the beach. But still, I would not choose to live there. A supermarket even if it had a deli and a kitchen would be awesome, but I still wouldn’t feel at home there. A library is getting close, as I love books. My home library is evidence of that. A cafe would be wonderful, especially with the right soundtrack playing in the background, but still, not home.

An art store or classroom is getting really close, but I need pens and paper. I need to write. So here is my ah-ha, my light bulb, my Eureka! In my town, there is an art supply store, jam-packed with art supplies of all kinds. And there are journals and pens! This is my home sweet home.

I suppose this is as close I’m going to get to narrowing it down. I am a writer who dabbles in art. If only this place had coffee!

In case you need the directions for this game:

Even if it is only a game, an exercise of the imagination, I believe it is still a decisive act. Decisions and choices define you. So whether it is In Real Life, or in your imagination, it is useful to play this game, to help you to know and love your unique self.

Playwright, essayist, teacher, artist, songwriter, poet. Creativity Activist. Learn more: https://www.dianeaoki.com

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