Reflection one year after a psychedelic women’s retreat

Many of you who know me might be shocked to know that the women’s retreat I went to last year was a psilocybin (aka “magic mushrooms”) retreat, so this is a “coming out” of sorts. I had been meaning to write about my experience at this Dia de Muertos (Day…

A Protest Song for the 2020 Election

Story Behind the Song

I have a friend who was writing lyrics to old songs as a way to vent her anxiety about our current political situation. She shared the lyrics on Facebook a while back — maybe 2 months ago. That inspired me to write this one. I had written this song in…

Understanding and hope via a playwright’s character study

My first impulse in the beginning of pandemic life was that mask-wearing was silly, that if you are compelled to wear a mask, you think of yourself as sick, so you should stay home. I have a niece in Vietnam who wrote about her experience there and that mask-wearing was…

Diane Aoki

Playwright, essayist, teacher, artist, songwriter, poet. Creativity Activist. Learn more:

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